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Promo Pit Service Review

Review of the Promo Pit Service

News abounds about the development of a unique and awesome new marketplace for digital products and services. Savvy marketers, merchants and buyers are all positioning themselves to harvest the gains of this new marketplace. The name of the marketplace is Promopit, found at promopit.com. So, why the buzz? What is so unique about PromoPit? Why should anyone sign up to this new digital products platform? Below is a general review of the promo pit service by promopitreview.com


Any serious merchant who wants to generate crazy sales fast should consider using promopit. This is because the platform is abuzz with many affiliates who will drive huge targeted traffic to your offers, making you sales. Besides this, you will enjoy faster sales from the integrated timer technology in the marketplace. This timer that allows you to create promotions for your products, denotes a sense of urgency for the buyer, making them to buy products before prices go up.

The merchant can also be able to make giveaways which can be used to drive more traffic to their offers. On top of this, the merchant can create upsells behind the base products, which if well thought out, would mean more income.

Affiliate Marketers

Promopit presents an opportunity for an affiliate marketer to make huge commissions from very little marketing efforts. An affiliate is able to earn 25% commission for every purchase made by their referral, and not just once, but for a lifetime! So, all one has to do is get people to come and create an account on this platform by either buying a product/service, or by grabbing a free product. This locks the buyer in to your referrals list and when they come back in the future to buy anything, you will get credited and paid a commission.

The best part is that commissions are paid instantly after a sale is made, directly in to your PayPal account. You do not wait for the payments to be sent in the future. This enables you to gauge, in real time, how your marketing efforts are playing out.


Anyone seeking to make huge savings when making purchases of digital products and services should check out promopit. You can buy items here for up to 95% off the market and sale price. All you need to know is when products are selling at their lowest so that you are at the marketplace to make your purchase before prices are increased. There is a follow feature on promopit which allows you to follow a product. This ensures that you are notified when it goes on promotion/offer. You can also follow a merchant to be notified of all the promotions that any of his products may have.

Products on promotion go live four times a day, that is at 6am, 12noon, 6pm and midnight PST. Getting this time right will allow a buyer to buy the products at their lowest price. There are also many product giveaways and free product grabs that a buyer can take advantage of. Good planning of your time so that you get to be in the marketplace at the right time will enable you to make huge cost savings when doing your shopping. Signing up to promopit through promopitreview.com will guarantee you most recent updates, like this timely review of the promo pit service by promopitreview.com, other tips and tricks to help you maximize on the use of this new market platform.

Merchants Sell Your Products and Services on Promopit

To become one of the top online merchants sell your products and services on Promopit. The reason for this move is quite obvious and simple; Promopit is one of a kind market place that is very unique to sell on and easy to convert highly on. This may sound like the ordinary hype, so to distinguish hype from reality, let’s sample a few of the benefits a merchant gets for listing and selling their products through promopit.com.

Why Sell On Promopit?

To start with, setting up your products and services on promopit is very easy. All you need to do is create a merchant account on promopit, then using a simple to follow product listing wizard, you list your product, get it approved, and have it live on the site in almost no time. This listing wizard also helps you to set up time sensitive promotions, which drive more sales faster to your product.

The fees charged to have your product or service listed on Promopit are also very fair…

There are three different packages for every budget size. This fee is only charged when you make a sale. There is the Merchant Lite package for someone who either has a tight budget, or one who wants to test out the marketplace before committing to it completely. There is also the Merchant Standard which is for a more serious merchant who wants to enjoy a number of extra benefits. On the higher end is the Merchant Pro package. This is the ultimate package that allows super savings on fees, plus access a lot of value adding features within the marketplace. It is very ideal for the professional merchant who wants to explode their sales revenues fast and almost hands free.

Besides the low fees…

As a merchant, you also enjoy the perks that come with having an army of affiliates driving traffic to your product or service. When one registers as a merchant, you instantly tap in to the big army of affiliate marketers who drive huge traffic of hungry buyers to your offers on PromoPit.

You can also be able to create sales pages that are professional looking using the integrated sales page generator, even if you have no programming or technical skills and background. Thus, you are able to create promotions for your products or services super fast, and in just a few clicks.

These promotions can then be scheduled to run in advance. Within the same platform is a unique giveaway set up wizard. This allows you to entice customers with a product/service give away in order to gain a huge exposure. You can also turn this giveaway in to a sales opportunity, thereby increasing your sales and return customers many folds over.

To top it all are the instant payments offered though this platform…

When a customer purchases your product/service, you receive your earn instantly in to your PayPal account, minus the affiliate commission and the selling fee charged by promopit. This provides instant feedback to you allowing you to see if you are benefiting by listing your products on this platform. So, for all serious merchants you should sell your products and services on promopit to enjoy these and many other benefits.